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Mount Bromo is one of an amazing destination that you must visit during when you are doing the tour in Java Island, Indonesia. Most of the travelers and backpackers start their tour from Yogyakarta area which is located in Central of Java, It takes time for about 10 hours to Bromo Area. But most of them still don’t know yet how to travel from Yogyakarta to Bromo.  So that why, we would like to tell you the best way to go to Bromo from Yogyakarta by train with a cheaper price than you go by Bus as public transportation or by plane.

Firstly, you should know about the train schedule that will leave Yogyakarta and go to Surabaya. Most of the travelers take the train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya and it takes time for about 5 hours. It’s more comfortable and safety because most of the trains are in good condition and it is business and executive class. So you can rest and sleep in the train.

Secondly, you should book the private car with full AC from the local agency which serves Mount Bromo Tour Program to drive you to Mount Bromo area and it takes time for about 3 hours. Sometime, some of the travellers get the local restaurant on the way to Mount Bromo if they feel hungry.

But if you want to get the cheaper price, you can get the economic class train from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi then you stop in Probolinggo train station which is the closest City to Mount Bromo area. From Probolinggo train station, you can book a private car with full AC that is already to drive you to your hotel at Mount Bromo area for about 1 hour. I would like to recommend you to use www.bromoijentourpackage.com to cover your transportation, which offers some of good itineraries with all transportation included (and maybe accommodation too), so you can just rest, relax, sleep and you don’t need to worry about your luggage!


What’s next? 

bromo jeep trans

Before you take a rest and stay overnight at your hotel around Mount Bromo area, please make sure that you have booked a Jeep 4WD as local transportation to escort you to Mount Bromo in early morning. Please enjoy the Natural Landscape, Bumpy Road, Sunrise at Penanjakan, an Active Volcano at Mount Bromo, etc.


Things to do around Mount Bromo such as:

  • Madakaripura waterfall
  • Songa Rafting


These are some of the schedules of the train and the name of the train:

Yogyakarta 06.45
Klaten 07.09 07.11
Solo balapan 07.36 07.41
Madiun 08.57 09.11
Nganjuk 09.50 09.57
Jombang 10.31 10.35
Mojokerto 10.57 11.01
Surabaya gubeng 11.37


For further information, please feel free to contact us on:

Website: www.bromoijentourpackage.com

Hotline & WA: +6281234409678

Email: bitpackage@gmail.com



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